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At Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School, we believe that each family's journey to finding the right educational fit is unique and tailored. Embracing a whole child approach, centered in faith, we recognize that a visit to our campus isn't about a generic experience. Instead, it's about embracing your family's individual needs and inquiries. That's why we offer opportunities for you to immerse yourself in our faith-focused environment. Families choose Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School for countless reasons, driven by our commitment to nurturing each child's spiritual, academic, and personal growth. What will be the inspiring reason for your family to join our community?


Schedule an immersive in-person tour at Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School to experience our faith-centered educational environment firsthand. Our tailored tours are designed to accommodate your family's specific needs and interests. Whether you're interested in exploring our faith-based curriculum, witnessing our nurturing community, or discovering our holistic approach to education, our dedicated tour guides will customize the visit to suit your preferences.

To schedule your personalized tour, simply click the request button below or call our office directly. We understand that your schedule may be busy, so we offer flexible tour timings to accommodate your availability. Come and witness how Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School fosters spiritual growth, academic excellence, and the well-rounded development of each child.


Explore life as a Panther with our shadow day program, exclusively designed for applicants. Your child will spend a full day alongside a student ambassador in their grade level, discovering our supportive community, engaging classes, and faith-centered activities. It's an opportunity to step into the Panther experience and envision their  journey at our school! Parents will have an opportunity to meet with key leadership, share goals and ask any additional questions that are important to the final decision of their child's education.  

Please contact our admissions director with additional questions at