Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School recognizes that imposing a school uniform is a limitation upon free expression of dress.
However, the school believes that this limitation is justified on the grounds that a school uniform:

  • Plays a valuable role in encouraging identity with, and support for, the school’s values.

  • Sets an appropriate tone that instills pride and gives pupils a sense of identity and belonging

  • Supports positive behavior and discipline

  • Ensures students approach their learning with the right attitude, properly equipped and prepared

  • Establishes and reinforces high expectations of students which supports effective teaching and learning and high achievement

  • Establishes a common identity for students in the school, overriding social and cultural differences which could otherwise separate students

  • Helps to build a sense of team spirit, nurtures cohesion and promotes good relationships between different groups of pupils

  • Helps young people to understand how to dress appropriately and appreciate the importance of presentation

  • Protects children from social pressures to dress in a particular way and prevents competition between students for fashionable clothing and accessories, thus reducing the pressure on students to conform in school hours

  • Promotes school pride and school spirit