Preschool at Pilgrim

Preschool Enrollment

Preschool 3's Program:


At Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School, our youngest students are taught to love-love-love school!  Our program is rich in hands-on activities that allow each child to explore their world as they learn. We design our program to help them learn developmentally appropriate skills needed to have a great start in their education. In our preschool 3s program, we learn essential social skills of what it is to be a kind friend, how to share and how to listen attentively. 

Our Bible curriculum is laced into our daily activities as they learn about God and how much He loves us.  We have many opportunities to share God's love throughout our school, community, and world.

Music, physical education, and library time are a part of our weekly schedule. All students have opportunities to participate in chapel, special programs and activities. We try to build in as much time with older students as possible to build community within our school.

Preschool 4's Program:


As children begin this year of preschool, their capacity and joy of learning is quite extraordinary.  They have the ability to  learn at a great pace, and here at Pilgrim, they are given every opportunity to do just that. Small classes allow our teachers to give attention to each child and their individual needs. 

Our ten units begin with “Welcome To School”, and end with “Ready For Kindergarten”. In each unit, the alphabet and their sounds, science, social studies, math, and reading, are covered in a cohesive unit of study. Our Bible curriculum is integrated into our classroom in all subjects. A general knowledge of God, beginning with creation and ending with stories of great Christians in history is woven throughout the curriculum. Students are also given opportunities in art, library, music and chapel each week.  We have several times in the year where students share in special programs, service projects, and activities with older students in order to  build community within the school as well as the world outside our walls.  

Our preschoolers learn to love God and others, to be a kind friend, and a good student.  They learn that school is a great place to be! 

Admission to Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School's Preschool Program is ongoing. Information concerning registration, current waiting lists (when applicable) and openings can be obtained by contacting us.

Tours are given by appointment only.

Please contact us via this form or by calling the office for more information.