Our Faith

Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School (PLCS) is an outreach of Pilgrim Lutheran Christian Church. All education at PLCS reflects its position to God, who is the center of all life. We believe that it is fundamental for PLCS to stand upon Christ the Solid Rock. Because of this, our school is the ideal setting to teach the objective truths of God's Word and provide opportunity to experience Christian living on a daily basis.

We believe our Christian school community can and does equip students for this life and our eternal life. Within our school community, each student is encouraged and taught how to become productive, contributing members of the Church and ever present changing society at large.


Lutheran schools are well thought out, and they work! With decades of experience, Lutheran schools produce students dedicated to God and academic excellence.


Martin Luther, himself, focused his attention on the lower levels of educating children. He emphasized educating children and assigned this responsibility to their parents, the church, and even public authorities. Luther supported instruction in one’s own native language for both boys and girls. He directed the curriculum toward religion and music in the hopes of producing well rounded students.


Today Lutheran schools at all levels depend on dedicated, committed, and the sacrificial commitment of tens of thousands of personnel. These individuals give top priority to the cause of educating children and their families. This group includes pastors, principals, parishioners, directors, teachers, aides, and parents. These unsung heroes are heeding their Christian duty and calling by loving and caring for children.

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